Training and Coaching

Attachment and Forensic Services (AFS) can provide training and coaching to agencies and parents in the following:

– The Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment, now supported by dozens of clinical articles and projects, and considered by leading clinical practitioners as a huge step forward in the delivery of attachment assessment and practical help

– Coaching Sensitivity in Parents and Carers

– Promoting secure attachments and child brain development

– Independent, forensic assessments ascertaining parents’ and children’s attachment styles, the implications for Parental Sensitivity and Parent-Child relationships, and pathways to tailored therapeutic routes (if required).

Attachment Strategies

From birth throughout life, we all have unconscious strategies for coping with other persons and events. AFS can arrange discreet, specialist forensic interviews with unbiased coding to ascertain current strategies, coach interviewees through their results, and suggest means of necessary or desired change.

Separating and Separated Families

Family separation can be a time of intense stress for parents, and especially children. 

– AFS are able to provide parent and child education programs fully detailing the clinical implications of separation on family members, and how to ameliorate and improve circumstances as far as possible in each case. 

– Programs can be delivered privately, in conjunction with agencies, or as part of a court-led process. 


Refuse, Reject and Resist Dynamic 

Assessments and Interventions

AFS is a leading player in the assessment, design and implementation of interventions where children refuse or otherwise have difficulty in meeting or maintaining relationships with other family members. 

No other service in the UK encapsulates our relevant attachment qualifications, experience, and close consultation between psychologist and psychotherapist to design and implement bespoke solutions for each child and parent in each family. 

We are able to integrate an independent, high-tech forensic service to ascertain clinical safety where necessary. 

Programs can be commissioned privately, in conjunction with agencies or as part of a court-led process.

We will also develop a program assisting adults alienated as children who have difficulty reuniting with lost parents. 


Coaching / Training in Estrangement, Splitting and psychological enmeshment 

AFS can deliver the most up to date training in the refuse/reject/resisting of relationships by children. Sometimes this may be due to the actions of the rejected parent or the conscious or naive manipulation of a child by one of the parents. 

AFS recently conducted a meta-analysis of up to date, state of the art clinical, psychological, family systems, attachment and trauma research to construct a combined model of training in intractable/implacable hostility/parental alienation that is second to none.  Included was a detailed analysis of practitioner’s statutory duties when ascertaining a child’s ‘Wishes and Feelings,’ and the particular difficulties that arise from this legal concept.

We practice what we preach, producing a common language between practitioners in robust assessment and effective intervention.

AFS are the leading UK practitioners in applying the principles of the DSM5, Dynamic Maturational Model of Attachment and emerging neuroscience to family separation dynamics upon parents and children, including parental alienation. 

AFS is committed to solving the current crisis in terms of inadequate assessment and provision for alienated children and their families. Intensive courses for parents and professionals last 1-3 days, dependent on clinical experience and practitioner role.  An additional day is optional, covering the statutory and case law position on parental alienation, including a review of several cases monitored and worked on by AFS staff and partners. Days can run consecutively or be arranged according to the professional commitments of attendees.