Marriage Therapists Say New Eye Monitoring Lie Detector Uncovers Truth Faster, Helps Couples Heal Quicker

Counseling centers find EyeDetect makes it easier to provide more effective therapy.

Without verified truth during marriage therapy, trust and safety cannot be rebuilt and healing remain a daunting and often unimaginable task for all involved.

LEHI, Utah – January 23, 2019 – Spouses can no long hide their “lying eyes” from therapists at marriage counseling centers — at least not the ones using a new lie detection technology called EyeDetect. Therapists claim it compels unfaithful or addicted spouses to stop lying about their activities, reassures betrayed spouses that everything has been disclosed, and speeds up the couple’s healing process.

EyeDetect, by Converus, monitors involuntary eye behavior to detect deception in 15 to 30 minutes. This automated, computer-based, true/false test uses a high-definition eye-tracking camera to capture approximately 60 measurements per second of each eye. The data collected includes pupil dilation, blink rate and other eye movements. It’s 86 percent accurate.

“EyeDetect has revolutionized our counseling process,” said Eagle’s Wings Counseling Center Co-Founder Jenny Upton, a Christian counseling center based in Sarasota, Florida.

“EyeDetect helps unfaithful spouses/addicts to ‘get real,’ break through their own denial, and begin to do the needed work,” added EWCC Co-Director Lauren Mauck.

Mauck said EyeDetect makes the counselor’s job easier and more effective, partly because it’s now more difficult for the unfaithful spouse to hide anything when writing the “therapeutic disclosure letter”— which informs the spouse of the affairs and/or acting out behaviors.

“Many have stated that they normally wouldn’t have included some behaviors and/or situations in their disclosure letter and would have kept it secret and continued to lie about it, but because of EyeDetect, they know they had to come clean,” said Mauck. “This technology literally stops the lying and covering-up cycle and helps individuals start doing the work necessary for a full recovery.”

Prior to also integrating EyeDetect into its practice, Life Renewal Counseling / Christian Counseling Services of Houston, Texas previously used another lie detection solution to helps couples get to the truth, rebuild trust, and make decisions about the future with more certainty. This group chose to start using EyeDetect instead of polygraph because it found polygraph was not only more costly and time-consuming, but it often took days or weeks to schedule an examiner to run a test.

Dr. Ann Brown of Life Renewal said, “I believe EyeDetect will bring about faster results for individuals and couples as they work through areas of trust.”

“EyeDetect’s primary benefits are quickly and accurately identifying truth or deception,” said Converus President and CEO Todd Mickelsen. “It’s ideal for counseling centers because the counselor can utilize the solution in near real-time at their counseling center without having to rely upon anyone else, as is the case when scheduling a polygraph examiner. Furthermore, it’s nonintrusive and 100 percent unbiased. There are no cables or sensors to attach to the patient, and there’s no examiner asking the questions. The automated computer test asks and scores everything.”

Converus now has several individual, marriage and family counseling centers — a relatively new market for this tech start-up — that have integrated EyeDetect into their practice, and Mickelsen expects this trend to grow rapidly in 2019. The majority of Converus’ customers are foreign companies and governments, and U.S. law enforcement agencies.