Procedure and Potential uses for EyeDetect



The Examinee takes a 15- to 30-minute true/false test. Data are captured, encrypted and uploaded to a secure server in the cloud.

Proprietary algorithms provide a credible or deceptive score in less than 5 minutes

The process is ideal for Screening & Single-Issue Testing

Tests are only 30 minutes and have 86% accuracy

Plus, no sensors are attached, so EyeDetect is non-intrusive


Potential uses

Employee Screening and Monitoring; Specific Issue testing in the workplace; Security; Law Enforcement; Terrorist activity screening

Criminal Suspects; Parolees; Probationers; Civil and Family Litigation;  Integrity of Spouses/Partners / Significant Others

Private Investigations; Public Office Holder or Candidate screening

Quickly screen large groups

Validate results with a secondary test

Human Resources

Pre-Employment; Job Candidates; Screening Employees

As the head of human resources, one of your most important roles is to ensure that anyone hired or working for your organization has a clean track record and is committed to maintaining the highest level of honesty and integrity

Use EyeDetect to narrow down among hiring candidates. For example, if you have 10 candidates for a job position, an EyeDetect can identify which individuals are dishonest. Then, the interview process can begin with those who have integrity

Pre-Employment Lie Detection: Save time in hiring. Find the right people. Reduce employee turnover


Integrity is one of the most sought-after qualities not only in individual employees, but also in organisations. It’s estimated that the typical organization loses 5 percent of revenues annually to fraud. This translates to a potential projected global fraud loss of nearly GB£2.3 trillion. Amazingly, 22 percent of fraud cases involve losses of at least GB£1 million


Establishing Workforce Integrity

In a world of ever-increasing corruption, fraud and deception, it’s vital to use a cost-effective and simple way to pre-screen employees, validate honesty amongst those in positions of trust, determine deception by those who break the law, and many other cases. Establishing and maintaining an organisational culture of trust and integrity starts with hiring honest people

Companies that pro-actively fight workplace corruption enjoy benefits such as a reduction in the cost of doing business, attracting investments from ethically-oriented investors, recruiting and retaining highly principled employees, and improving employee morale

If credibility assessment tests are used to pre-screen job applicants and conduct routine employee evaluations, all will quickly see that integrity and honesty are a high priority. Such policy influences employees and future job applicants. Integrity and morale will improve


Monitoring Employees:

Ongoing Screening towards a culture of Corporate Integrity

Private companies and government agencies alike are harmed when their employees commit theft, bribery, or other criminal activities. Use EyeDetect to periodically test employees, especially those who deal with sensitive information or have access to financial assets. These tests can make sure your employees are not accepting bribes, engaging in illegal activities, or stealing from the company



Corruption is a multibillion-dollar problem worldwide. It’s the single greatest obstacle to economic and social development. It disrupts markets, cripples economic growth, debases democracy and undermines the rule of law. Research shows that moving a business from a country with a low level of corruption to a country with medium or high levels of corruption is equivalent to a 20% tax on foreign business

Corruption adds up to 10% to the cost of doing business and up to 25% to the cost of procurement contracts in developing countries. Customers suffer with higher prices

Corrupt behavior and unethical business practices place many enterprise companies at risk publicly and financially

EyeDetect® helps organizations more effectively manage risk and ensure workplace integrity while keeping costs low and morale high due to our non-intrusive solution for deception detection



Corporate security includes physical security, the safety of employees and facilities, and safeguarding company assets, including digital assets. Loss prevention, fraud prevention and privacy are essential for an organization’s success

Use EyeDetect to periodically test employees, especially those who deal with sensitive information or have access to financial assets. These tests can make sure your employees are not accepting bribes, engaging in illegal activities, or stealing from the company

Government and Counterterrorism:

EyeDetect Keeping Citizens Safe

Federal governments worldwide are primarily tasked with countering terrorism, maintaining justice, ensuring domestic tranquility, providing common defense, and promoting the general welfare of the country. To accomplish these goals, honor and integrity are key factors. Hiring honest employees and monitoring them are integral to this solution. To ensure things operate optimally, it’s necessary to confirm that those in key positions of trust are credible and have integrity

Law Enforcement and Corrections:

Make Communities Safer

Law enforcement agencies have many contributors: police officers, sheriff’s, dispatchers, jailers and others. Corrections officials are tasked with the overwhelming challenge of monitoring parolees, including sex offenders. Each day, these people are confronted with the critical responsibility to keep communities safe. Credibility assessments play a vital role in screening personnel and parolees. They help find those best suited for the job and those at risk

Ongoing evaluations help ensure that personnel maintain integrity while mitigating risk for parolees


Law enforcement, attorneys, and other organizations conduct criminal and civil investigations daily

EyeDetect® for investigations is a revolutionary, game-changing deception detection technology law enforcement, attorneys, private investigators and others are using to verify the truth. This 15-minute directed lie comparison test has been shown to have 90% accuracy in field cases

Using this modern technology based on the latest scientific innovations, investigations can get to closure, faster, with highly reliable lie detection test results

EyeDetect has been used to test suspects for crimes such as murder, burglary, arson, sexual assault, felony theft, domestic violence, sexual abuse, armed robbery shoplifting, identity theft, and other crimes

Tests are nonintrusive and professional. There are no sensors to attach. Examinees are treated with respect and — because the test is automated — without bias. Find the truth, faster

Ensure Honesty of Sex Offenders

Sexual assault, sexual abuse, exhibitionism, voyeurism, and viewing child pornography are serious crimes. During periodic screening or in therapy sessions, it’s vital that treatment providers have the most advanced tools available to help uncover the truth while treating sex offenders convicted of these serious crimes. Many treatment providers have concerns using polygraph examinations because they can be expensive and time-intensive. Plus, the intrusive nature of polygraph, along with the presence of an examiner, can harm the rapport you’re trying to build with the offender or can be uncomfortable for those with mental disorders such as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or for others with character disorders such as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or Asperger Syndrome (AS). With EyeDetect, you can easily conduct a test prior to a therapy session in your own office. Within about 30 minutes, you’ll know with a high degree of certainty whether the sex offender has been honest — such as in the case of parole violations or when disclosing information about past victims. EyeDetect tests are standardized and the testing process is automated and uniform. Best of all, EyeDetect never gets tired or influenced

Test a Variety of Sex Offenders

EyeDetect tests are designed to uncover offenses (“Did you commit the crime?”) or re-offenses (“Did you commit the crime again?). It’s ideal for determining if a sex offender has violated parole or probation (“Have you violated conditions of parole?”) and uncovering details during a sex history discussion (“Have you disclosed all victims?”)

How EyeDetect Makes Testing Sex Offenders Easier

Innovative – First deception detection method that effectively monitors subtle changes in the eyes to “see truth.” Fast Results – Tests take 30 minutes and results are ready in less than 5 minutes. High Accuracy – Classifies sex offenders as truthful or deceptive with at least 86% accuracy. Nonintrusive – No cables, wires or other sensors to attach to the examinees. Simple to Use – In less than three hours, you can learn to administer tests and interpret results. Incorruptible & Unbiased – The humanbased examiner element is eliminated, and the data are encrypted in real time. Bank-level Secure – Same encryption and physical security that banks use to protect sensitive information. Scalable – During an average eight-hour workday, test proctors with three stations are running on average of 30 tests daily. Flexible & Portable – Adaptable to your organization’s needs. You can use EyeDetect on-site, send examinees to an authorized testing center, or take it to remote offices. Multilingual – Tests are available in various languages. Economical – You save by having one person administer many tests daily. Plus, the short test time minimizes opportunity costs. Complete Analytics & Reporting – Reports are ready in less than 5 minutes. Group test results may be filtered by date, department, test type, credibility score and more


Urinalysis: Replace Traditional UA with EyeDetect
Get 90% accuracy in just 15 minutes

Urinalysis (UA) is the most common method of drug testing today. A UA tries to show the presence of drug metabolites or drug residues in the examinee’s urine. UA’s can detect most target drugs for 1 to 4 days after use. As time advances, specificity decreases

False Positives or “Bad” Negatives

Unfortunately, a positive UA does not necessarily mean the examinee was under the influence of drugs at the time of the test. Rather, a UA detects and measures the use of particular drugs within the detection window. It is possible that a prescribed medication may cause a false positive result. And, if the last dose of illegal drugs occurred outside of the detection window (whether far in the past or even recently), some testing methods will return a negative result. In short, a UA may not be sufficiently diagnostic


Today, the accuracy of UA’s can be quite good if given within the specific detection window, but testing usually only applies to a few substances mandated by Federal drug-testing programs and may include alcohol. Most times, UA’s scan for amphetamines, THC, cocaine, opiates and phencyclidine. There are other illegal drugs not mandated by the law that can be present, which will not be detected or reported

Testing for alcohol must be done very soon after consumption because alcohol passes rapidly through the system; as such, a UA may not be helpful in detecting alcohol use.

For urinalysis, some methods used to deceive include:

– Altering Creatinine levels by drinking too much water

– Drinking excessive liquids prior to the test

– Taking supplements or substances to change Creatinine level

– Drinking water with baking soda or using baking soda before a test

– Using someone else’s urine or other liquids that look alike


Why Use EyeDetect for Drug and Alcohol Monitoring? 

EyeDetect measures an examinee’s memory of recent drug or alcohol use. It is not affected by any physiological methods devised to cheat. It is not constrained by a specific drug detection window. It is not limited to the number of illegal drug types, but can include all illegal drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications not belonging to the examinee.

– No urine samples are needed

– Longer timeframe for drug screening permitted

– More drugs can be included for testing

– No false positive results based on urine sample

– Alcohol may be included in the test