What is EyeDetect? 

Deception causes subtle changes in the behavior of the human eye due to increased cognitive load. EyeDetect uses a high-speed, infrared eye-tracking camera to measure these subtle changes, and then combines the measures in a mathematically optimal manner to detect deception with an 86% accuracy.

EyeDetect vs Polygraph

It was only a matter of time before a new, accurate technology for credibility assessment was invented.

For almost a century, the polygraph has been the de facto standard for deception detection. But since 2003, scientists have researched and developed a different — yet equally effective — scientifically validated solution that can be used together with the polygraph or as an alternative. 

The polygraph measures a person’s physiological responses, whereas EyeDetect® monitors eye behaviors related to changes in cognitive load. The two techniques provide largely independent sources of diagnostic information, which may be used in combination to obtain greater confidence in evaluating test results.

A properly conducted polygraph by a qualified proctor does provide a reliable indication of a subject’s integrity on a specific point of testing. Polygraphs work by measuring several physiological responses to questions put to the examinee. Sociopaths whose child and adult development is compromised by a lack of empathy and a corresponding lack of affect are not suitable for polygraph testing.

Polygraphs have been the subject of controversy, not least due to results being the subjective opinion of the examiner. Such concerns are addressed within the industry by pre-screening of potential polygraph proctors, large investment, high quality of training and achievement required to become a registered proctor, and the strict standards of the regulatory bodies. Polygraph tests administered and scored by properly qualified and regulated personnel should be reliable.

There have, however, been instances where unqualified persons have acquired polygraph equipment and provided substandard services to clients. Research the credentials of the operator and do not progress where they are not genuine.

It would probably be a big mistake for an examinee to try to adversely influence the opinion of any qualified proctor but the human factor in polygraph testing will always be a reasonable argument from the technology’s detractors. 

EyeDetect transcends the problems associated with polygraph. Tests are adminstered locally but scoring of eye movement responses is done by AI algorithms on secure servers hosted by Converus. The equipment is also portable. Set up and test administration is quicker. More questions can be administered. Multiple types of tests, and follow up or confirmatory tests, can be administered per day. Potential examiner bias in testing or results is eliminated.